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Staff member . L.E.R.I.A. laboratory of Epitech University - Paris. http://leria.epitech.net

Rebeldia. traductions for EZLN from Spanish to Italian. http://www.ezln.org

Photo Experiments. http://dantealighieri.deviantart.com

Bluesnarfer A Bluesnarfing Utility (original src)

Bluetooth Article and Tool for BFI (Butchered From Inside) A Bluetooth Security/Hacking Article with pof

A Sociopolitic Blog Legaest

Urban Art poetry project eVeLine

Videopoetry, experiment - Momenti.

Elogio dell'amore, capitolo I - Elogio della fellatio e cunnilingus.

University of Milan zine - Argo42

Street Art Project - Urban Pirate